Yoga, Tools for Transformation : Relax, Replenish & Revive Course

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“Yoga is not something that you do. Yoga is something that you become. It  is not an act, it is a quality. If you cultivate your body, mind,  emotions and energies to a certain level of maturity, a certain quality arises within you. 

Yoga for Self Transformation is a set of powerful traditional Indian yogic tools for everyday practice, designed by world-renowned Indian Mystic, Realized Master and YogiSadhguru Jaggi Vasudev,whose incomparable wisdom and insight has guided tens of millions of people entangled in the ups and downs of life.

child, middle or old aged, or of a particular body shape or flexibility,
Yoga, is a technology which will work wonderfully for you–provided you learn how to use it.

  • The processes offered here do not require any changes in your daily routine with each one taking about 5 minutes to practice and can be done any time of the day, even at your work-desk.
  • You don’t need any prior experience of yoga, or any special agility.The practices are suitable for all adults and children above the age of 4 (except practices like Yoga Namaskar, which can be practiced after 7 years of age).

It is a good starting point for those who are new to yoga, and it can be used as a preparation for other yoga practices.

A Few Key Myths Debunked…

  • Myth#1: Yoga is “Just for Women”
  • Myth#2: Only Skinny, Flexible People Can Do Yoga
  • Myth#3: Yoga isn’t for Guys who Lift
  • Myth#4: You have to be Spiritual to practice Yoga
  • Myth#5: Yoga Is Against My Religion

Upa-yoga (included in this course) is a simple yet powerful set of 10 practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system, bringing ease to the whole system. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upa-Yoga dispels inertia in the body’s energy and brings ease to the whole system.

Within the human system, the energy flows along 72,000 pathways called nadis. At the joints, the nadis meet and form nodes, making the joints storehouses of energy. In terms of wellbeing and proper development of the body and mind, these simple tools can really set them apart in a group in terms of capability. As they start seeing the benefits, they would naturally pursue higher forms of yoga.

You may be living with joint and muscle pain on a daily basis.Or you may be fatigued and stressed. Either way, you’d love the rejuvenation that these practices bring on a daily basis.


Few Key Benefits:

This form of yoga  provides many immediate and evident benefits. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, its benefits include:

  • Relieves physical stress and tiredness
  • Strengthens the joints and muscles
  • Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity
  • Negates the effects of jet lag and long travel
  • A powerful system of exercise. Will prepare one for higher forms of yoga. Can aid in effortless transition into higher practices, if one so desires.


This Version contains

  1. The entire course The Yoga of Self-Transformation( Exercises Only Version), plus
  2. Teachings and Philosophy on Yoga
  3. Yoga Padhi Music album
  4. Frequently Asked Questions on Yoga
  5. Sadhguru’s Insights on various aspects of Life

“The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is  what yoga means – not up, not out, but in. In is the only way out.”

–  Sadhguru

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to experience more awareness, aliveness, greater energy levels and sense of purpose.
  • You tend to fall sick often, or suffer from excessive fear, experience stress, anger or depression;
  • If you are a responsible parent who wants the proper development of their kids and their maturing into inclusive, loving, caring beings.
  • You, If you want to transcend your present limitations, transform your life and blossom into your full potential.
  • If you are a yoga teacher or practitioner, as this course adds much more lubrication and loosens up friction in any other yogic practice you may be doing.
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Yoga, Tools for Transformation : Relax, Replenish & Revive Course

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Yoga, Tools for Transformation : Relax, Replenish & Revive Course

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