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WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup is an amazing plugin that helps WooCommerce store owners to engage their customers with the shopping as well as the cart and encourage more purchases.

With this plugin, the admin can show a side shopping cart icon that appears on the selected page which on hover/click shows the product that is added to the cart.
It has the option to increase and decrease the quantity, remove product and perform other related actions.

This Floating Cart for WooCommerce Plugin is easy to set and the convenience it adds to the buyers is worth your effort and time, and equally helps in increasing the sales and overall revenue.

Further, the flying cart effect also adds attraction to your buyers..

What can you do with a Floating Cart Popup Plugin?

  • Add floating cart icon to your WooCommerce store
  • Select pages on which you wish to show your floating cart icon
  • Change the icon of the floating cart.
  • Add animated floating cart icon
  • Change the position of the floating cart icon.
  • Add a custom checkout button text
  • Change the text and background color of the title
  • Change the text and background color of the checkout button
  • Add fly to effect.
  • Select one of the fly to cart effect from the available options
  • Dispace the floating cart icon by setting the X and Y offset
  • Set popup display either on hover or on click
  • The merchants can administer cart popups for their entire network of WooCommerce stores using the same plugin.

Benefits of Floating Cart Popup Plugin

  • Helps in improving the shopping experience of the buyers
  • It makes it easy for the buyers to check products added to the cart.
  • Helps in reducing the cases of cart abandonment.
  • Buyers can check the total amount.
  • Buyers can check the total savings.
  • Buyers can increase and decrease the quantity of the products in their cart directly from the floating cart pop-up.
  • Buyers can remove existing products from the floating cart.
  • Purchase directly from the floating cart popup

Key Feature of Floating Cart Popup

  1. Add Floating Cart Icon

    With this plugin activation, admin gets an option to add floating cart icons on their WooCommerce store pages. The floating cart icon is so placed that it does not hamper the normal shopping. You can set an animated floating icon as well.

  2. Display Cart Products On Hover/Click

    The floating cart Popup icon is designed in such a way that it displays the cart details through the popup that appears when shoppers hover or click the icon. This feature is optimized to work well for desktop as well as mobile users.

  3. Choose One From the Popup Template

    There are three templates available for the admin to choose for the popup panel. Template 1 is small and occupies less space, however, template 2 and template 3 occupy more space and can display a longer list of products without any need of scroll.

  4. Increase or Decrease Quantity Button

    The floating cart popup that appears after the buyers hover or clicks on the cart icon has the option that allows users to increase and decrease the quantity of the product. Hence, buyers can easily set the quantity of chosen product directly from the popup.

  5. Remove Product from Cart Option

    The popup has also the option that allows the shoppers to remove the added product easily from the cart without actually opening the cart page. This feature is useful to avoid cart abandonment, as shoppers get an easy accessibility to remove added products

  6. Checkout Button

    The floating cart popup that appears after the click on the floating cart icon or logo has the option to directly proceed for the product purchase. The buyers simply need to click on the button and the purchase process starts from there and then.

  7. Display Cart Total

    The floating cart popup also displays the total amount to be paid to purchase the product that is available in the cart. It helps buyers to do shopping while keeping a check-eye on the total amount ensuring that it does not exceed from their budget.

  8. Display Shipping Charges

    Shoppers can check the total shipping charges that would cost for the shipping of the product directly in the popup cart display. This makes it so easy for the buyers to check how profitable their purchase is.

  9. Fly to Cart Effect

    It is one of the most interesting features of the WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup Plugin. It is a visual effect in which the product image flies to the floating cart icon every time the shoppers add any product to the cart. There are multiple flying effects from which users can choose.

    The multiple options are:

    • Drag
    • Zoom Out
    • Rotate Clockwise
    • Rotate Anti-clockwise
    • Vertical Flip
    • Horizontal Flip

  10. Change the Text/Color of Checkout Button

    The plugin has the feature to allow the admin to change the text and color of the ” Checkout” button on the floating cart popup. It allows the admin to use their brand color to make the popup look more relatable to the store.

  11. Change the Position of the Floating Cart Icon

    The plugin comes with a facility to allow the admin of the store to select the position where the floating icon will be displayed on the pages. Further, the admin can also change the X and Y offset. Some of the available options from which the admin can choose to place the icon are:

    • Right bottom corner
    • Left Bottom corner
    • Upper right corner
    • Upper left corner
  12. Mobile Responsive

    The plugin is highly mobile responsive. The cart popup and the flying cart animation, the position and the size of the cart is fully responsive with the mobile devices to give the best experience to the users.

  13. Smooth Popup

    The popup and other cart animation effect available in this plugin is designed in a way to work in a very smooth and attractive manner to keep the user experience best of the possible.

  14. Set Cart X and Y offset

    The admin can also displace the floating cart by changing the X and Y offset at each corner of the screen to get the most suitable position for the best user experience.

  15. Gentle and Attractive

    The overall UI/UX of the plugin is highly attractive and gentle to use. All features work in configuration to each other. The fly to cart animation makes it an attractive choice for users, and hence the plugin is a perfect way to boost customer engagement.

  16. WPML Compatibility

    The WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup is made compatible with the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin for localization of the plugin’s strings.

  17. Multisite

    The WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup plugin offers multisite compatibility. This means you can also run the same plugin for your entire network of individual WooCommerce stores.

Live Demo

Visit a demo to experience the powerful features of Plugin and explore.

Frontend demo of Floating Cart Popup: Click here

Backend demo of Floating Cart Popup: Click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the use of the WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup Plugin?

A. WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup is a Plugin that adds an easily accessible floating cart on the selected pages

Q.What is the benefit of using WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup?

A. By using this you can view added products on cart, edit products quantity, remove, check total amount, and also proceed to purchase without visiting the cart page.

Q. How is a floating cart plugin useful in sales or products selling?

A. WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup helps to increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment, so it will affect your sales directly or indirectly.

Q. Is it possible to purchase directly from the floating cart popup?

A. This means that the buyers can perform actions on floating carts; they can remove products, increase and decrease product quantity and proceed to checkout as per their needs

Q. What does the fly to cart effect mean?

A. It is the visual effect that makes this plugin attractive to use. As the buyer adds anything to the cart, the product image visually flies into the floating cart.

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WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup - Changelog

### Version 1.0.2 November 22, 2021
Multisite Compatibility
Compatible with WooCommerce 5.9.0 and WordPress 5.8.2

### Version 1.0.1 September 02, 2021
Compatible with WooCommerce 5.6.0 and WordPress 5.8
Notification issue is fixed
### Version 1.0.0 June 06, 2021

   - Initial Release

WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup
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Demo: WooCommerce Floating Cart Popup
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