The Modern GraphQL Bootcamp (with Node.js and Apollo) Course

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Do you want to maintain your Node.js skills up to date and relevant by learning GraphQL?

GraphQL is rapidly transforming the way Node.js developers write APIs and backend apps. It provides a much-needed alternative to the standard REST HTTP API. It’s the most exciting upgrade to Node.js development we’ve seen in a long time. Goodbye, Train. Greetings, GraphQL.

Who should be interested in learning GraphQL? Anyone using Node.js to create backend applications!

You’ll learn how to utilise GraphQL to replace the basic Express HTTP API and enable features like authentication, real-time applications, and more in this class.

Companies large and small, from Twitter and Facebook to Yelp and Twitch, are migrating to GraphQL from frameworks like Express.

This course was created to provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience you’ll need to create and launch your own GraphQL apps.

We’ll start the class by answering a few key questions. What exactly is GraphQL? What is the benefit of it? How would GraphQL assist me in developing better Node.js applications?

After that, you’ll create a blogging application to learn the fundamentals of GraphQL. You’ll learn about GraphQL schemas, data types, queries, mutations, subscriptions, and a whole lot more.

Advanced features such as authentication, database storage, production deployment, automated test suites, and more will be set up from there.

You’ll learn how to do the following things during the course:

  1. Schemas can be used to model the data in your application.
  2. Create queries and subscriptions to give customers access to the database’s data.
  3. Create mutations that allow clients to create and modify database data.
  4. Making requests with Apollo Client allows you to query and alter your data from your browser.
  5. Use the Prisma ORM to use a GraphQL API to interface with your database.
  6. Publish your GraphQL applications in the wild.
  7. Using an authentication system, you may protect the data in your application.
  8. Create a test suite for your application that is automated.

Everything you’ll need is contained in a single, simple package.

There’s no need to be concerned about whether you’re acquiring the necessary skills to acquire that GraphQL job or launch that GraphQL project. That is why I am here to answer all of your questions.

The Modern GraphQL Bootcamp (with Node.js and Apollo) Course Drive Learn how to build GraphQL applications using Node.js. Includes Prisma, authentication, Apollo Client, and more!

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