The Complete Android 11 Developer Course: Build AMAZING apps

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Welcome to The Complete Android 11 Developer Course!!

– Build your own apps quickly, cheaply, and confidently!

– Master Android 11 app development, and learn Kotlin at the same time!

– Practice every bit of code you learn, with hands-on challenges! 

Whether you’re building for fun (or for $$$ profit!) this course teaches you all the skills you need to BUILD YOUR OWN APPS!

  • Did you know that the average salary for an Android Developer is $100,000?!
  • And that 86% of smartphones use Android OS?!

This BRAND NEW Android 11 course is the latest in the series of Complete Android Developer courses started by Rob Percival. More than 210,000 students have taken Rob’s Android development courses, and they love them…!

5-star reviews:

‘I can say without a doubt that it is one of the most complete Android courses that can be accessed today.’ Rafael Lisandro Duran Pichardo

 ‘Amazing course that takes you through the A-Z of Android app development with adequate examples and fun practice apps.’ Akul

 ‘Great course. I feel like I’ve learned so much but it’s opened my eyes to how vast the world of android development is. I look forward to learning much more on my road to becoming an android developer.’ Diondria Whitehead

Don’t worry if you’ve never coded before! Every line of code is explained step-by-step onscreen and there are challenges and exercises (to get you coding straight away!) Plus, if you ever DO get stuck, you can ask the instructor himself for help in the Q&A forum!

It’s a BRAND NEW course for the newly released Android 11, which means the course curriculum has been completely updated and overhauled, with NEW sections added!

Build your own apps and projects while learning Android 11 development! During this course, you’ll…

  • Build basic apps in Android Studio
  • Learn the fundamentals of Kotlin!
  • Discover layouts and views and design the app you want
  • Move on to building more advanced apps using RecyclerViews!
  • Make your apps more functional with databases and cloud-based memory options (Firebase!)
  • And LOADS more!

One of the biggest updates to the course is that brilliant Mashrur Hossain (4.5 instructor rating, 100k+ students) has taken over from Rob Percival as course instructor! Mashrur is an extraordinary instructor, who began teaching following a successful career in software analysis and development.
Lots of you have taken Mashrur’s courses before, and loved them!

5-star reviews for Mashrur:***** ‘Mashrur is an excellent instructor. He has really gone above and beyond to explain certain concepts that really helped me to have a deeper understanding of how certain things work. Great work!’ Sherry Wasieko – Professional Ruby on Rails Developer with Rails 5

***** ‘The material is presented in a logical order, and the visualizations really help to understand what is happening step-by-step. The instructor also did a fantastic job building each project in pieces so you could see what tasks the code was addressing. Excellent course!’ Stu Miller – Python 3: Project-based Python, Algorithms, Data Structures

***** ‘It has been a great experience learning Ruby language and Rails. The knowledge of the instructor is fantastic and the course has a lot of real-life examples. Thanks!!!’ José Jorge Eduardo Ramos Santos – The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

Like Rob, Mashrur is a talented teacher with the industry experience to back it up, and both LOVE to create practical, hands-on courses for students to enjoy!


The course is already 13.5hrs of hands-on coding and exercises, but there’s MORE COMING! Mashrur’s working on a whole new Section 7 right now, which will teach students how to build an Instagram clone. Keep an eye out for that (and other features/educational announcements!) in the near future. 


And that’s not all you’ll get! Like all our previous Android development courses, as well as the most up-to-date, hands-on instruction in Android development, new students also get everything in the bundle package below… COMPLETELY FREE!

  • $500 WORTH of exclusive app templates, images, and resources to use in your apps
  • One year of FREE WEB HOSTING on Eco Web Hosting’s Advanced Package, worth £119. *Limited to one year per student, not per course*

Android 11 is the most dynamic and resilient OS to date, and you can get ahead of the competition by mastering it now (so what are you waiting for?!)

Happy coding!!

The Complete Android 11 Developer Course: Build AMAZING apps Master Android 11 App Development using Kotlin and build REAL apps

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