Test-Driven Development with React

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If you already heard of TDD but were wondering how it supposed to work for developing React apps, this course is for you. We will build a few features in a pretend home rental application. I will show you how to write a failing test first (step 1), then make it pass by writing code (step 2), then refactor the code (step 3). These features include:

  • building the app header (easy)
  • fetching the list of rental homes from the API and displaying it on the page (intermediate)
  • building a rental booking dialog (complex)

After completing this course, you will gain the full power of TDD which provides you with:

  • better focus: you end up writing a lot less code because you need just enough to make the test pass, and anything else is a distraction and can be ignored
  • better architecture: you get less tightly coupled code and more cohesive components
  • fewer bugs and simpler maintenance
  • high test coverage: you have more confidence that everything is working
  • documented behavior: the tests describe the intended behavior of the component and document the edge cases
  • it’s easy to pick up after the last context switch: when I return to my code the following day, the next step is always to get the test to pass or write the next one or refactor

Hope you’ll find this course helpful. Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback!

Test-Driven Development with React Learn Test-Driven development to build more reliable and maintainable apps.

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