Test Automation Framework [ Spring Boot + Selenium + BDD ]

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In the Java world, Spring Boot is a popular application development framework. Spring Boot makes the developer’s life easier by taking care of the majority of the mundane tasks.

In your Test Automation Framework, write less code and achieve more. The goal of this course is to show you how to utilize Spring Boot to construct a test automation framework for your Selenium and Cucumber functional tests.

We’ll be studying a variety of Spring themes.

  • Dependency Injection: How to automatically build particular objects in our Page Objects and test classes. Spring will simply hand it over to you!!
  • WebDriver Manager: Using Spring Boot, automate the life cycle management of web drivers.
  • How to design reusable page components and have them injected into Page Objects using Page Objects and Page Fragments.
  • How to generate several threads, manage web drivers, and execute tests in parallel, among other things, with a clear thread-specific scope.
    Testing in several environments (DEV / QA / STG / PRD): How to use property files to handle environment-specific properties such as URLs, user credentials, and so on.
  • Testing for localization: How to Test for Localization! Forex: A programme that may be used in a variety of languages. How to use Spring Boot to validate language keywords.
  • Spring Data JPA data-driven testing: We frequently have a lot of test data in a spreadsheet. How to use Spring Data JPA to automate the execution of all your
  • Tests by reading them from a spreadsheet.
  • Adding BDD to our framework with Cucumber feature files. Cucumber feature files are used to write driving tests.
  • External resources: How to integrate external resources into our framework, such as properties, files, and so on.
  • Automatic window/frame switching: Using annotations, you may switch windows/frames automatically. Ex: @Window
  • Aspect-oriented programming (AOP): Take screenshots automatically in your tests without stating anything.
  • Local vs. Remote Grid: How to run your tests in both a local and a remote selenium grid by switching Spring profiles.

And Much more!!!

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Test Automation Framework [ Spring Boot + Selenium + BDD ] Learn Automatic Dependency Injection, Test Automation Framework Development using Spring Boot & Cucumber BDD.

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