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Tailwind CSS is a modern and increasingly popular framework that is changing the way we work with CSS.

Its bet is quite radical: using HTML to define the page styles. Interesting, isn’t it? But… why not use inline styles then? Well, Tailwind CSS is quite superior to that, and in this course, I will show it to you, saving you the work of study and research.

As an example, and as a course project, you will build a Netflix-like landing page using the Tailwind CSS utility classes. You will gradually improve and complete it with features such as the following:

  • Responsive design
  • CSS states
  • Dark mode
  • Reusing styles (don’t repeat yourself)

You will learn how to use, in a convenient way, the 4 official Tailwind CSS plugins:

  • TailwindCSS-Typography: to style texts (for example, those coming from a database)
  • TailwindCSS-Forms: for styling forms
  • TailwindCSS-Aspect-Ratio: to control the aspect ratio of images
  • TailwindCSS-Line-Clamp: to limit text and achieve visual harmony

You will use the Just-in-Time engine from the start. It is one of their most recent and exciting new features, and it will be their default working mode in version 3.0, so I have designed the course with this engine in mind.

Many websites already use Tailwind CSS, including some popular ones like GitHubHerokuKickstarter, or Twitch.

I think it is worth learning this framework because it defines a very different and helpful way of working, which other frameworks have already copied. With this course, I make it easy and very practical for you to have a good base and build any page you want.

If you haven’t decided yet, you can watch for free the lesson where we build a page from scratch. So you can see the whole process.

Of course, the course includes quality subtitles (CC).

The course is alive, and I will update it as Tailwind CSS evolves. You also have access to the repository where I publish the source code of the pages.

After each module of lessons, you will take a quiz to check that you haven’t missed anything important.

And of course, if you have questions, you can post them in the Q&A section, where I will answer them.

See you inside!

Tailwind CSS - Step by Step Learn TailwindCSS. The new generation of CSS with the Just-in-Time engine.

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