Symfony 5 – The complete Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the Symfony course for beginners! In this course, you will learn how to use the powerful PHP framework Symfony 5. If you want to learn everything from the basics to advanced topics, to stand-alone implementation of complex web applications in Symfony, this course is for you.
Not only can you build websites with Symfony, but the framework is also great for developing microservices, APIs, mobile backends, or highly complex web applications with and without frontend.

In 7 hours you will learn step by step how to set up and implement your own projects. The course starts completely from 0, you should only have basic knowledge in PHP and HTML.

In the first part, we will do all the necessary preparations to set up your development environment. (PHP 7+, MySQL, XAMPP, Visual Studio Code..) Furthermore, I will show you helpful tools and software for the development. After that, you will learn the project structure and how to use the console.

Symfony 5 – The complete Guide for BeginnersY

In the next part, you will get to know all the core components of Symfony. Controllers, routing, views, Twig, Doctrine, and much more will be explained with a practical example and used live. After that, you are ready for the web project.

The main part is the largest part of the course with more than 4 hours of content. Here you will implement a complete web application from the first to the last line of code. Besides the core components, you will learn more about forms, file upload, relationships, security, sending emails, Bootstrap frontend, databases, and much more. As a bonus, in the end, there is another chapter on advanced Symfony topics that cover the most important additions. With this knowledge, you can extend your Symfony projects as much as you want.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create both simple websites and complex dynamic web applications using the great PHP framework Symfony.

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Symfony 5 - The complete Guide for Beginners You will learn the PHP framework Symfony and develop a complete, secure, and modern web application!

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