Snowflake cloud database with ELT(Airflow+Python+Talend)

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We went deep into the principles of Snowflake, tackled a lot of assignments, and learned best practises for loading and unloading data in our prior course Snowflake Masterclass [Real time demos+Best practices+Labs].
In addition, we thoroughly examined the majority of the snowflake features to see how they function beneath the hood. You learned how to use Snowflake effectively as a result of these discussions.

How to construct and orchestrate ETL procedures on Snowflake was one thing that was missing. That is exactly what this course is about.

We will learn the following in this course:

  1. In Airflow, you may create workflows.
  2. We’ll use Talend’s features to create generic code that will ingest and analyse data in Snowflake.
  3. We’ll create audit tables and keep track of every command we send to the snowflake. Keep track of how much time each task takes and earn snowflake credits.
  4. We’ll create a workflow to handle and transform 250+ GB of NYC traffic data once the framework is complete.
  5. Finally, we’ll link the Snowflake to Python and develop code to collect statistics from the data we’ve imported into the Snowflake.
  6. You’ll also get a pre-configured Jupyter notebook where you may execute your Python code on the Snowflake.

If you’ve never used Talend, Airflow, or Python before, don’t worry; they’re all extremely basic tools, and I’ll walk you through them.

I am confident that you will gain a great deal from this experience. I’ll see you in class!!

Who this course is for:

  • Developers are curious in how to create snowflake workflows.
  • Last updated 7/2021

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Snowflake cloud database with ELT(Airflow+Python+Talend) Learn to integrate ETL tools with Snowflake and leverage Airflow for ELT with snowflake.Process 250+ GB data.ELT flow.

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