Serverless using AWS Lambda for Java Developers – Free Udemy Course

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Are you a Java developer interested in learning Serverless Programming in detail then this course is for you? Are you an experienced java developer who wants to master the fundamentals of AWS Lambda Functions and use them to create Serverless projects then this course is for you as well?

AWS Lambdas combine Nano Services and Function as a service (FaaS) to deliver a Serverless programming model while using various other managed components in AWS. Look at any project that is on AWS it will be using AWS Lambda functions. This course is designed for developers with some knowledge of AWS and Java Development.

You will start this course by:

  • Master the fundamentals of Serverless Programming and AWS Lambda
  • Create Lambda Function using the AWS console
  • Install the tools required to create and deploy Serverless Projects from your command line
  • Learn the method signature and the data that can be passed to and returned from a Lambda Function
  • Learn the YAML Syntax required to create SAM template files
  • Create Projects using SAM CLI
  • Understand the structure of a Serverless Project
  • Build and deploy Function as Code(FAAS)
  • Test the Functions remotely on the cloud and locally
  • Access the lambda environment information
  • Create and clean up the entire infrastructure required for your project with a single command
  • Create Serverless APIs using API Gateway, AWS Lambda functions, and DynamoDB
  • Learn how to use AWS APIs and SDKs to programmatically work with various components
  • Work on an ASync use case using S3 and SNS as triggers
  • Configure Logging using Log4j
  • Handle Errors gracefully to configure Dead Letter Queues
  • Learn what Cold Starts are
  • Scaling Lambda Functions
  • and more in easy steps

Serverless using AWS Lambda for Java Developers - Free Course Site Create Build and Deploy Serverless Applications with AWS Lambdas

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