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The Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin adds an enquiry button on your online store and allows your customers and guests to enquire about your products and services. Customers simply have to fill a form to submit their enquiries. The product enquiry plugin helps you resolve the queries of unsure or interested customers and encourage them to complete the purchase process.

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce is essentially a customer service plugin that connects you with your users and promotes informed purchase decisions. It ultimately makes your customers happy.

What You Can Do With Product Enquiry for WooCommerce

  • Add enquiry buttons on your WooCommerce store
  • Customize the product enquiry button
  • Choose multiple locations to show the enquiry button
  • Customize fields of the enquiry form
  • Collect enquiries for simple and variation products
  • Use a shortcode to add the enquiry button on any page
  • Choose to show the enquiry button for out of stock products
  • Use globally applicable custom CSS
  • Enable email notifications for admin and customers
  • Decide the number of rows for the product enquiry table
  • View Product URL and Product SKU in the enquiry list
  • Compatibility with WPML plugin
  • Compatibility with WordPress Multisite Network
  • Bulk delete enquiry form submissions
  • View all form submission data in one click

Benefits of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce

  • You can capture pre-sales enquiries.
  • Connect and interact with both customers and visitors alike.
  • Nurture potential customers and convert them into customers.
  • Generates high quality leads for your business.
  • Influence customers and visitors to make informed purchase decisions.
  • Improve the overall purchase experience.

Key Features of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce

  1. Add an Enquiry Button

    You can introduce an enquiry button and enable the customer to fill and submit the WooCommerce product enquiry form.

  2. Customize Product Enquiry Form

    The following three elements of the product enquiry form can always be customized irrespective of the form type:The Field Label Text Colour, Enquiry Form Title, and the Form Submission Button Text.

  3. Select the Enquiry Button Display Page

    You can place the product enquiry button on Shop and Single Product Page at the same time.

  4. Product Enquiry Button Visibility

    You can decide the visibility of the WooCommerce product enquiry button. By default, it is visible to all users. You can choose to limit the visibility to logged-in users or only logged-out users.

  5. Select Enquiry Button Location

    You can set the location of the product enquiry button after the Add to Cart button and checkout page. Also, you can add a WooCommerce product enquiry tab.

  6. Edit Product Enquiry Form Fields

    You can choose the type of WooCommerce product enquiry form you want your users to fill. You can choose to keep the default form or customize the form fields.

  7. Select Action After the Enquiry Form Submission

    You select the following actions to take place after the product enquiry form submission:

    • Refresh Page
    • Show Message
    • Redirect On Page

    You can write a personal message using the “Show Message” option. Or set a redirect page using the “Redirect On-Page” option.

  8. Send Email Notification

    You can choose to send email notifications of enquiry form submission to both the users and the recipient (admin). You can also edit the email content and subject line.

  9. Enquiry Button for Out of Stock Products

    You can enable the option to show the enquiry button only when a product is out of stock.

  10. Enquiry List Table

    You can apply the product enquiry button for products individually. By default, the product enquiry form is applied to all products.

  11. Appy Enquiry Form to selected Products

    You can view and manage all product enquiries through the enquiry list table. All the queries of the customers and visitors are presented in a tabular format, making them easier to resolve.

  12. GDPR Compatibility

    Product Enquiry for WooCommerce follows GDPR compliance regulations. The personal contact information of your customers and visitors is safe.

  13. Custom CSS Option

    You can further customize the WooCommerce product enquiry button using the custom CSS option.

  14. Bulk Delete Form Submissions

    Select all form submissions in the Enquiry List tab and delete them in bulk.

  15. Hide/Show Enquiry Table Columns

    The enquiry list table has the following columns to represent data:

    • View
    • User ID
    • Name
    • Email
    • SKU
    • Number
    • Address
    • Pin
    • State
    • Date
    • Product Name
    • Product URL
    • Product Enquiry

    By default, the Pin, State, and address columns are hidden. You can choose to hide or show any of these columns as per your requirement.

  16. View Submission Data in One Click

    The View option is added in the enquiry form submission table. You can use the view option to see all data of any particular enquiry submission.

  17. WPML Compatibility

    Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin is compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin. It will help you to translate pages, posts, menus, etc., to ensure a seamless user experience for all types of users.

  18. WooCommerce Product Enquiry Shortcode

    Use the Shortcode [mpefw_product_enquiry_button] to place the product enquiry button wherever you deem fit on your WooCommerce store.

  19. Select Enquiry Form Type

    There are two types of forms to select: Default And Custom. The custom options allow you to enable/disable fields, edit field label text, and make fields required or not required.

Live Demo

Visit a demo to experience the powerful features of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce Plugin and explore.

Frontend demo of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce: Click here

Backend demo of Product Enquiry for WooCommerce: Click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can any user whether login or not in the site would be able to make an inquiry from the admin?

A. Admin can allow login/unlogged users to make the inquiry from the site or to all users at once from the visible to user tab in the general setting of the plugin backend.

Q. Is the Enquiry button name or color can be customized by the admin?

A. Yes, the admin can change the Enquiry button name along with the background and text color from the Enquiry Button Setting tab in the plugin backend.

Q. Is there any functionality to display the Enquiry Button at different places and pages on the site?

A. Yes the admin can display the Enquiry Button on the (Shop and Single Product Page) & (Single Product Page and Cart Page) from the Display page setting of the Enquiry Button Setting tab in the plugin backend.

Q. Is there any mail functionality available for the Enquiry Submission?

A. Yes, the admin has two options to be chosen in the form type in the form setting for Enquiry Submission where one is the default one in which you’re getting the limited options for form submission and the other one is custom where you’ve found multiple options to fill the Enquiry form.

Q. Can the admin schedule any action for the client after the Enquiry Form Submission?

A. Yes, in the Form setting of the plugin backend, the admin can set the Action After Enquiry Form Submission. Admin can set the page to refresh, redirect to some particular page through the Url or even can show a thankyou message.

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Version 1.0.2 Nov 17, 2021
New: Product Enquiry for Selected Products
New: WPML Compatibility
New: MultiSite Compatible 
New: Compatible with WooCommercce 5.9 
Fix: Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.1 Sept 7,2021

New: globally applicable custom CSS
New: Show Enquiry per page
New: Change button location
New: Email template for admin as well as customer
New: Enquiry form title dynamic
New: In enquiry listing add Product Url, Product SKU, 
New: View all form submission data 
New: Hide/show enquiry column & bulk delete enquiry forms
New: Compatible with WC 5.6 and WP 5.8
Fix: Date option in enquiry list
Fix: Contact No. issue 
Fix: UI of enquiry form
Fix: List enquiry by id & form Validation

Version 1.0.0 June 11,2021 
   - Initial Release

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