Postman APIs – The Complete Guide

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The goal of this training program is to help the trainee simplify the Application Programming Interface(API) in the workflow in testing and development. The trainee will be able to master all the concepts used in POSTMAN API testing. After the course, the trainee will be able to work smoothly in the Application Programming Interface(API)using POSTMAN.

Its objective is to give a hand to an individual who is eager to learn the POSTMAN API(application programming interface) testing from scratch. The trainee will be able to be familiar with postman API testing after this course and will be able to implement them in practical life. Topics like Postman and API Testing will be covered as well as the projects on Customer Data Management.

Postman is at present one of the most accepted tools used in API testing which is used by more than 4 million users worldwide. Postman is an application for testing APIs which sends requests to the webserver and by getting a response back in return. It can run either on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome Apps. It also permits the users to set up all the headers and cookies that an API is expecting and checks the responses. It increases the productivity of an organization. By this course, you will be able to get an understanding of Postman API(application programming interface) Testing.

Postman APIs – The Complete Guide

This training program has been developed in such a manner so it can include all the concepts that one master to work expertly in this programming interface. In the opening training module of the course, the instructor will brief you about the basics of the postman API testing through the first unit of the first module which will be helpful for the learner to understand the basics concepts which will be like the supplements to understand the more compound concepts. you will also be gaining knowledge about all the advanced concepts of postman API (application programming interface) testing which will also be practiced with the help of mock questions that are covered in the training modules and will be displayed with the solutions. This course also includes three projects which will help the trainees in covering all the concepts associated with the programming interface. After finishing this course, you will be having all the abilities that will be required to work efficiently.

Who this course is for:

  • The students from engineering backgrounds fit in this course easily. Even it is open for the working IT Professionals, Technology Architects and Web Services Testers who want to go with the flow with API testing using postman and they often cover the major segment of our class. This POSTMAN API(application programming interface) testing is also suitable for the aspirants who are aiming for a career in this field in the future. People from a variety of fields can take this course having technical knowledge. Most frequently students having graduate degrees and master’s or postgraduates having an interest in the technical fields can apply easily in this course.
  • Last updated 8/2021

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Postman APIs - The Complete Guide This course will provide a wide understanding of planning and all performing API tests using Postman

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