Learn to Use Colored Pencils and Create Vibrant Illustration

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Explore your creativity and expand your drawing skills with these step-by-step colored pencil techniques! We’ll be focusing on a practical method to make vibrant colored pencil illustrations. This class if for all levels. whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist looking to expand your drawing skills, this class covers it all.

You will learn how to make vibrant illustrations on you sketchbook using colored pencils

You’ll Learn:

  • Art supplies I recommend, including pencil brands, drawing paper and other accessories
  • Tips for easily sketching out the character
  • Selecting the right colors
  • Pencil movement techniques so you can achieve the required color composition
  • Advanced coloring techniques like blending, layering
  • Drawing and coloring a dragon fruit
  • Fixing mistakes as you draw
  • Finishing methods for perfection
  • Real time drawing lessons

I have broken down the class into a series of short lessons in which you will learn:

The first section, “Introduction,” starts with a student project. I believe in learning through practice. So I have provided an image as a reference for you to practice. Download that from the resources and keep it with you while you move forward through each lesson.

The second section, “Drawing Materials“, will act as a guide for you while choosing the art supplies that best suits you. I will explain the characteristics and qualities of different types of colored pencils, drawing papers and other accessories that I have used since I have started making colored pencil drawings. This will help you in selecting the materials that are best for you.

The third section, “Getting Started“, focuses on the basic drawing tips and techniques like sketching, picking right colors and some advanced coloring techniques like blending and layering.

In the next section we will apply all this techniques to create a vibrant colored pencil illustration of the subject!

And the last section is a series of real-time drawing videos which will enhance your learning experience!

Learn to Use Colored Pencils and Create Vibrant Illustration Master Colored Pencil Drawings

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