Learn Active Directory & Group Policies – Win Server 2019

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Once you have completed this training course you’ll be able to

  • Build and Configure a Microsoft Windows 2019 Server
  • Understand what a Domain and Active Directory (AD) is
  • Deploy a Domain Controller
  • Perform key tasks within Active Directory
  • Get computers on a network talking to and connected to the AD Domain
  • Learn some Advanced AD tasks such as Domain Trusts and Functional Levels
  • Understand Group Policies (GPO’s)
  • Create a GPO to – Enforce Domain Password Complexity
  • Create a GPO to – Disable Command Prompt & Registry Editor
  • Learn how to create a GPO to – Set Desktop Background across all computers on a network
  • Create a GPO to – Disable USB drive use in an organization

Why is knowing AD important?

Understanding how to build, configure and use Active Directory is an essential skill that all IT Techs and Professionals need to have.

Active Directory is one of the most common tools used by administrators in thousands of businesses around the world, it’s very likely that a future company that you’ll be interviewing will be using Active Directory.

Even if you are already working within an IT team, this course will re-enforce your AD skills.

Why is knowing Group Policy management important?

Group Policies and AD work hand-in-hand. Once AD has been configured, and computers on your network are bound to AD, the next step is setting up Group Policies.

Group Policies make the management of PC security settings and preferences easy. You can literally create a group policy and then push it out against a fleet of computers on an AD domain network. All these computers will get those settings applied over the network, without the need to update settings on a computer-by-computer basis. It’s great!

Go Questions? 

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Learn Active Directory & Group Policies - Win Server 2019 Add these skills to your resume! Learn the tech skills to improve your administrator skills within Windows Server 2019

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