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DISCLAIMER: Clients actively using v3.0 below, won’t be able to upgrade to the latest version because of a change in Laravel version If you are not satisfied with the features that are currently on this product, please don’t purchase, because we don’t do refunds after downloading the product.

Kingsmen is an automated investment platform developed with Laravel’s latest update. It’s a script for investment that can be used for various purposes. It now supports the claim of profit, recurring capital investment, investment bonus, and lots before investment comes to an end. Further enhancements have been introduced with the new user interface and even more, is yet to come. Plans can now be edited without impacting investments already in place. We have seamlessly incorporated the best payment gateways, such as PayPal, stripe, blockchain, paystack, vogue pay, coin payment, and many more. We are making constant changes to make it more secure in the long term. Where security is our primary concern, we use the latest and innovative technologies.

For bug fixes, inquiries, customization, send a request ticket here, please make it as simple as possible. Thank you

What we don’t provide support for, must-read

Never delete any data from PHPMyAdmin, except via script. We won’t provide support to clients that cause bugs by deleting stuff from PHPMyAdmin instead of the script.

New Features on Kingsmen [email protected] 13/02/2021

  • Made All investment independent of plan changes
  • Fixed ROI calculations
  • Added claiming of profit before plan duration
  • Added Flutterwave Authentication
  • Updated KYC verification
  • Updated Plans, added most popular plan
  • Added Next Settlement
  • Added any livechat support, not tawk restricted
  • Updated UI
  • Updated Laravel version
  • Bug fixes

New Features on Kingsmen [email protected] 05/07/2020

  • Multi-language support, 5 new languages including, french, german, china, Hindi and Spanish will be available
  • Buying Plans with Coupon
  • User option to enable trading earnings to be published on platform
  • Share trade button to share trading activities
  • Trade plan and activity has been differentiated
  • User Homepage tweaks
  • Total Earnings is been logged
  • Coinpayment Ethereum
  • Top earners
  • Detailed platform trading statistics
  • Audit Logs
  • Recurring trading activities
  • More Automated Emails
  • Bug fixes
  • Recaptcha

Wondering What Payment gateway is supported

  • Stripe
  • Perfect Money
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Vogue Pay
  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave
  • Blockchain BTC
  • Coinpayment BTC
  • Coinpayment ETH

Wondering Why coinpayment is showing failed to process

  • Ensure the coin you want to receive is added to your coinpayment accepted coins
  • In api key page, ensure certain persmissions are checked!!!
  • create_transaction
  • get_tx_info
  • get_callback_address
  • rates
  • create_transfer


=> Fixed coinpayment
=> Updated Frontend plans
=> Fixed API that updates next settlement


=> Fixed email route bug


=> Fixed profile photo bug


=> Fixed login page logo size issues bug
=> Fixed team image upload bug


=> Fixed declining deposit issue which credits user


=> Fixed currency conversion for coinpayment deposit
=> Fixed images automatically being converted to png or jpg file


=> Fixed Coinpayment deposit not auto updating 
=> Fixed images automatically being converted to png or jpg file
=> Fixed Account deletion bug
=> Added End date for each trading activity   


=> Fixed 404 error caused by missing htaccess file


=> Fixed Stripe Issue


=> 2fa verification bug 
=> Password reset bug
=> core/app/Http/Controllers/UserController.php
=> core/app/Http/Controllers/Auth/LoginController.php
=> core/app/Http/Controllers/User/ForgotPasswordController.php
=> core/app/Http/Controllers/User/ResetPasswordController.php
=> core/app/Http/Middleware/CheckStatus.php
=> core/app/Http/Middleware/Tfa.php
=> core/routes/web.php
=> asset/dashboard/css/argon.css
=> core/resources/views/userlayout.blade.php
=> core/resources/views/user/trading/trades.blade.php
=> core/resources/views/user/profile/audit.blade.php
=> core/resources/views/user/index.blade.php
=> core/resources/views/user/profile/index.blade.php
=> core/resources/views/user/profile/verify.blade.php
=> core/resources/views/auth/2fa.blade.php

=> core/app/Http/Controllers/Auth/faController.php


=> Sending Email Bug
=> UI can now be totally changed from admin
=> Added withdrawals on homepage
=> Added stats on homepage


=> Sending Emial Bug
=> Fixed trading activity bug

Upgrading to v2.0

If your site is still running on v1.0, upgrading to v2.0 will require you to upload a new database.sql and script from the update file. Having issues with setting up email, there is a tutorial in documentation to sort that out.

User features

  1. Cross-browser optimized design
  2. Easy Signup/login
  3. Secure dashboard
  4. Trading system
  5. Multiple Deposit Methods
  6. Account settings
  7. Send Money
  8. KYC verification
  9. Payout system
  10. Tawk, Twilio has be integrated
  11. Withdraw system
  12. 2fa security
  13. Automated Emails
  14. Manual Withdraw
  15. Automated Deposit Methods with Bank transfer

Admin features

  1. Blog management
  2. Faq management
  3. Webpages management
  4. Interface control
  5. Social links
  6. Privacy policy
  7. Terms & conditions
  8. Withdrawal management
  9. Email settings
  10. SMS settings
  11. Basic settings
  12. Messages
  13. User management
  14. Money Transfer management
  15. Referral management
  16. Trading & Plan system
  17. Deposit management
  18. more…

Admin Access:
Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: 1234
User Access:
User Login:Email: [email protected] || Password: junejune

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