Kafka fundamentals for java developers

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This course is for beginners who want to master Kafka and use it one their project and also for the experienced who want to get the fundamentals of Kafka right. Adding Kafka to your resume will not only increase the number of opportunities you will get but also the salary. Thousands of companies including Netflix, Twitter, Linked In, Uber use Kafka as a messaging engine or a data streaming platform. From this course, you will

  • Learn what Kafka is and why is so popular
  • Learn where and who uses Kafka
  • Understand the architectural components of Kafka
  • Learn how Kafka differs from traditional messaging systems
  • Install Kafka on your machine
  • Use the Kafka command line to create topics, send/receive messages
  • Learn the Kafka Producer Concepts, API and send messages
  • Use the Kafka Consumer API and receive messages
  • Create custom serializers and deserializers to work with object type
  • Use Avros inbuilt serializers and deserializers
  • Use Confluent Schema Registry
  • Learn Advanced Producer configuration
  • Master the concepts of Consumer Groups and Rebalancing
  • Learn the different ways to commit offsets
  • Understand advanced consumer configuration
  • Learn the concepts of Kafka Streaming API
  • Create a Streaming application while understanding the fundamentals of streaming
  • Work on a small use case and learn more transformation methods from the Streaming API
  • Use Springs Support for Kafka to create producers and consumers as well
  • All in simple steps

What are the requirements?

  • Knowledge of Java and microservice development
  • Knowledge of messaging will help but is not required

What is Not Covered?

  • This course does not teach how to create advanced streaming applications but will introduce you to streaming

Kafka fundamentals for java developers Learn the key concepts and work hands to master Kafka in easy steps

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