Java Full Stack Spring Boot and Angular (Inc. JWT + Cloud)

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We will construct a new project, such as online book shopping, in this course.

When I mention online-book-shopping programme, I’m referring to a page where we can keep track of our books. Users or customers will come across these book listings and will be able to purchase one of them. Of course, this purchase will be saved and displayed at a later date.

We’ll use Spring Boot, Angular, and PostgreSQL to build this project.

We shall use CRUD operations in our project. Users and books will be the subjects of these CRUD processes. For user sign-in, sign-up, and authorisation procedures, we’ll use users. We’ll also use the books to do activities like creating, modifying, and deleting books.

Angular will be asked to perform these CRUD operations. So, on the backend, we’ll build an architecture for these CRUD activities, and on the frontend, we’ll provide a user experience to service them.

User and book activities are still ongoing in our project.

User login, registration, book list, create-book, delete-book, and other operations will be our key operations.

We’ll also keep working on the role-based application. As a result, we’ll use roles such as “Administrator” and “User.” Then, depending on the role, we’ll provide these people varied levels of access.

And in both Angular and Spring Boot, all of this will be done in a secure manner.

To carry out our project, we will use two key components.

These are divided into two categories: server-side and client-side.

On the server side,

Our primary library will, of course, be Spring-boot. On the backend, we’ll use Spring boot to implement the entire architecture. It will make configuration simple and quick for us.

On our project, we’ll use the Model View Controller architecture.

One of the primary issues of our application will be spring security. We’ll also utilise JWT to keep things secure.

Data will be supplied to the client as an API call in Spring Boot, therefore the Spring Rest Controller will be used to manage it.

The database will be PostgreSQL. We can use other databases as well, but we’ll ultimately deploy our code to Heroku. We chose Postgresql since it is free to use on Heroku.

We’ll also use Java Persistence API and Hibernate, as well as Object Relational Mapping.

With hibernate, we can bind our database tables to objects.

In Spring Boot, we’ll use the JPA Repository and the Crud Repository.

As a result, these repository templates will take care of common database operations such as save, update, find, and delete.

We’ll utilise the Lombok library to clean up the code with Spring Boot.

We don’t want to use getter, setter, equals, or hash code, as you know. As a result, we can use the Lombok @Data or @Value annotation to escape it.

On the server side, we’ll utilise Gradle to manage all dependencies.

We’ll use Heroku to build cloud deployments for all of our services. Heroku is a fantastic open-source framework. We can quickly deploy our spring-boot projects over Github with some settings. As a result, by the end of the course, we’ll have a working application and a code repository on Github that anyone may access.

That concludes the server-side discussion.

Let’s have a look at the client side of things.

On the client side, we will construct an angular application with a nice user interface. So we’ll make a home page, an admin dashboard, a login page, and a registration page. The server APIs will then be assigned to these pages, allowing us to simply consume and output data from the user interface.

We’ll also implement the model view controller architecture in Angular. We’ll make use of typescript’s amazing capabilities, for example.

We’ll construct it at the end, and we’ll serve it to Heroku as well. As a result, at the end of the course, we will have a working application.

Last but not least, we’ll use Angular to provide security and permission. We’ll work with different roles, and we’ll integrate unapproved and not-found sites on the user interface based on those roles.

We’ll go over each of them in depth one by one.

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