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Investorm – Advanced HYIP Investment Management Platform for Crypto Investment Website

Meet new Investorm Application, which is an ultimate solution for managing your HYIP Investment Platform. With Investorm, you can set up your investment platform with an hours without programing knowledge. At it provide most powerful setting panel, where from you can manage every settings very easily.

Investorm supports major & most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC and more) and fiat currencies (USD, EUR, TRY, RUB, INR and more) that gives flexibility to your investors to deposit and invest their fund. You can easily manage which currency will be accepted or not. Also you can be set system as base currency.

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The application has been built on Laravel v8. It has also used jQuery, Bootstrap v4.6 and DashLite for premium design. It also support pre-built color preset so you can choose your prefer one.

Investorm Core Features:

  • Complete solution for a HYIP investment platform.
  • Admin and user profile management with advanced control.
  • Accounting system to maintain user account balance separately.
  • Deposit, withdraw & investment feature for investors.
  • Manage investment scheme with various option.
  • Unlimited schemes adding option with update locking feature.
  • Investment Restriction on each scheme/plan by user or total count.
  • Built-in Referral tracking (one level) with commission system.
  • Rewards options on deposit and new signup.
  • Most popular currencies and automatic and live exchange rate.
  • Multiple payment method such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, Crypto Wallet.
  • Advanced settings for Application management.
  • Advanced search and filter option for listing.
  • Add charge or bonus to user accounts.
  • Manually review and approve transactions.
  • Integrated Google reCaptcha v3, Tawk Live Chat.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users.
  • Pre-build welcome / intro Page for website.
  • Complete management of pages and email templates.
  • Quick setup wizard for application setup.
  • Clean, modern, premium looking UI interface.
  • Dashboard customization with color skins.

Upcoming Addons & Extra Modules

Personalized Dark Theme Mode

Feature will available as addon & work under Extended license.

Basic KYC Module

We will introduce as separate module that allow your investor verification their identity.

All the additional Modules or Add-ons are NOT part of main product. You can get those directly from us but additional cost will required.

* You can get any additional Modules or Addons at exclusive price if you have an Extended License.

Additional Features

  • Regular update, introducing new features and bug fixing if encountered.
  • Fully responsive website and optimized layout.
  • Supports modern browser and cross browser compatibility.
  • Free premium support for 6 months and quick response.

Supported Currencies

More than 15+ currencies supported and we will add more currency time to time.

Fiat Currencies:
US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Turkish Lira (TRY), Russian Ruble (RUB), Indian Rupee (INR), Brazilian Real (BRL), Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Crypto Currencies:
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), TRON (TRX)

User Dashboard

User friendly investment interface:
Key statistics and links are presented in a way so that users can start investing & earn money in no time.

Multi scheme investment supports:
Users can invest in multiple investment plans at the same or different time.

Multiple currencies for deposit & withdraw system:
Users can deposit in different currencies & allow to withdraw funds into account.

Transaction history:
Transaction list & details specific to the user can be seen.

Profile management:
User have full rights to control his own account and update any time.

Activity log:
Application will save login activities for security purpose and it can be enabled or disabled on-demand.

Two Factor Authentication:
User allow enable 2FA to add another layer of security on account.

Admin Dashboard

Infographic Overview:
Offers weekly + monthly deposit & withdraw insights, recent transaction & order activities, total stats and more!

Dedicated Investment Dashboard:
Contains investment overview, graphical insights for active and top investment schemes, recent investment histories and more!

Investment Scheme Management:
Schemes can be updated, activated/inactivated or can be archived. Easily update investment amount, interest rate, interest period, term duration etc.
Caution: You won’t able to edit/update any scheme once we release the version v1.1.3, as from that version you can add unlimited scheme you own.

Investment Statement:
All investment transactions, investment payout histories, profit settlements, profit/interest logs are available.

Deposit & Withdrawal:
Admin allow to see deposit & withdrawal list & details, approve or reject them. Also allow to make a direct deposit, bonus or charge against a user account.

Multiple Currency Management:
Manage system and supported currencies on application.

Extensive Payment Settings:
Settings like imposing time & amount limit on deposit/withdrawal, enable or disable new deposit/withdrawal, configuring payment methods.

User Management:
Users listing, manually add user from backend. Also multiple operation support like suspend user, password reset, send email to a specific user etc. Also bulk actions are allow to suspend, activating.

Website Settings:
Site information, social media links, time zone settings, email configuration, maintenance and more more settings can be managed easily.

Language Management:
You can add language as many as you want and and you can translation using json file. Also you can easily control default language for application.

Would you like to add more feature? Please feel free to provide us details about your features via email at info[@]

Demo Access

  • Live Demo Preview:
  • Admin Access: U/P: [email protected] / demo123#
  • User Access: Registration required with own email address (email verification required to active account).

If you would like to try private demo with full access, please email at info[at]softnio[dot]com

What do you get?

  • Investorm Application Files
  • Manual Installation Files
  • Documentation / Installation Guide Online Version

Difference of Regular and Extended License & What should I choose?

  • In Regular License, you will allow use all the base features with few limitation.
  • In Extended License, you will get extra features such as white-label branding.
    It’s means our branding does not display into admin panel.
  • You can get any additional module or addons at special price.
  • Also we always provide free installation server to Extended License holder.

Recommendation: As there is no way to upgrade license unless you purchase again so choose your license wisely. But we recommended you to choose extended license for long term of business and to get all the upcoming features without any limitation.

If you have any questions regarding license please feel free to contact us via email before purchase.

System Requirements

  • PHP 7.3.x / 7.4.x
  • MySQL 5.7+
  • Apache / Nginx


The application / Script required activation with Envato Purchase Code. Also you allow to active one application with one purchase code.


We give support for all our items. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. Support requests receive during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Sources and Credits

Application Framework: Laravel v8.x

PHP Libraries: paypal-checkout, laravel-installer, utility-services, simple-qrcode, google2fa, guzzle

Exchange Rate: Automatically get all currency rates via ExRatesApi.

UI Interface: DashLite – Bootstrap Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Fonts and Icons: Roboto, Nioicon by Softnio Team.

jQuery Plugins (Javascript): jQuery, Bootstrap, accounting.js, money.js, Select2, Datepicker, Timepicker, Chart JS, Knob. Easytimer, jQuery Form & Validation Plugin, Sweetalert2, Toastr, Simplebar, Clipboard, Tinymce, jQuery Marque.

Important Upgrade Note:
If you are using v1.1.4 or lower version then please upgrade your application to latest version before 1st January 2022. Otherwise you may face problem with automatic rates feature that use ExRatesApi service.

Changes log

Version – 1.1.5 Nov 23, 2021

+ Amount input in base currency for deposit funds.
+ Wallet type / network selection for CryptoWallet (Payment).
+ Additional fields display option for registration form.
+ Restriction on investment by total times/count and max per user.
+ Live exchange rates ticker/marque feature added to show ticker in user panel.
+ Plan info display option added into Investment Apps setting.
+ Expiry date option added for Global News.
!+ Decimal rounding issues in deposit.
!+ Migration issues resolved while rollback.
!+ CryptoWallet settings updating issue.
!+ Several minor bugs fixed including withdraw link.
!! All third-party JS libraries to latest version.
!! Laravel version & PHP packages updated to security improve.

// Upgrade Note
This update will require database migration to work latest features properly. So once you updated files please login into admin panel and run the update just before start using the application.

Version – 1.1.4 Oct 26, 2021

+ Maximum deposit and withdraw controlled for each gateway.
+ Min/Max deposit and withdraw amount set for each currency in each gateway.
+ Cancellation note option added for user added in admin panel.
+ Note for wallet field added for each currency on CryptoWallet (Payment)
+ QR Image option added into CryptoWallet (Payment).
+ Social share option added so set a global image.
!+ User description and display issues in withdraw.
!+ Progress Amount correctly show in user balance.
!+ Search by investment id issues fixed.
!+ Few more bugs fix as per in error logs.
!! Added few more missing translation strings.
!! All third-party JS libraries to latest version.
!! Laravel version & PHP packages updated to security improve.

// Upgrade Note
This update will require database migration to work latest features properly. So once you updated files please login into admin panel and run the update just before start using the application.

You must review and update each payment & withdraw methods once you successfully upgraded.

## Module / Addon Compatible Note

* Internal Fund Transfer Module and NioExtend Addon (fees management for deposit and withdraw) is now compatible with the application version of v1.1.4.

Version – 1.1.3 Sep 13, 2021

+ After Mature option added into investment scheme/plan.
+ Unlimited investment scheme/plan add option for Admin.
+ Manual transaction (profit/loss/penalty) add into investment account.
+ RTL support added for each language and theme make compatible.
+ Country selection or restriction feature added for investor account.
+ Recent investment list in user details page from Admin Panel.
+ Each profit approve option added into investment details page for admin.
+ Complete the plan option added into investment details page for admin.
+ Added more filters options in search for User Listing page.
!+ Investment profit adjustment issues while threshold option enabled.
!+ Missing info issues fix into user details page from admin panel.
!+ Profit ordering issue in investment details page.
!+ Link issues and few more bugs fix as per in error logs.
!! All the stylesheet updated according to new style.
!! All third-party JS libraries to latest version.
!! Laravel version & PHP packages updated to security improve.

//// Upgrade Note //////
In this version we have introduce scheme add option, so now you can add unlimited plans your own.
But once you upgrade to new version then you cannot edit scheme any more once investor invested on the plan.

Version – 1.1.2 Aug 16, 2021

+ Implemented Social Login using Google & Facebook account.
+ Export in CSV format for Users List from Admin Panel.
+ Cookie/GDPR Notice implement into application.
+ Referral list show in user panel with admin settings.
+ Referral link redirection option in admin settings.
+ New fields (nationality, gender etc) added into user profile.
!+ Investment cancellation issue fixed based on admin setting.
!+ Missing address information show from admin panel.
!+ Contact form reCaptcha validation issues before/after login.
!+ Content styling issues (number/bullet format) on public page.
!+ Webfont loading issues in Firefox browser due to @charset.
!+ Minor bugs fixed such as responsive, typo, capture in error logs.
!+ Speed optimized on investment dashboard with large data.
!! All the stylesheet updated according to new style.
!! All third-party JS libraries to latest version.
!! Laravel version & PHP packages updated to security improve.

Version – 1.1.1 Jul 21, 2021

+ New theme preset (Tangerine, Violet, Tealblue) add into panel.
+ All the non-translational text make compatible and connect with json file.
+ reCaptcha score option added in admin settings to more bot protect.
+ Complete Withdraw bank account details show inside popup.
+ Homepage payment icon selection option added in admin settings.
+ In Invest Statement page updated mobile view and add date column.
!+ User account balance update issues while adding transaction manually.
!+ DOB validation issues and profile view errors.
!+ Terms link issues when it page is disable.
!+ Incorrect notice display in maintenance mode.
!+ Upgrading issues when maintenance mode enable.
!+ Tawk chat API issues and compatible with account id.
!+ Several minor bugs that capture in error logs.
!! All the missing text updated into en.json file.
!! All the stylesheet updated according to new style.
!! All third-party JS libraries to latest version.
!! Laravel version & PHP packages updated to security improve

Version – 1.1.0 Jun 28, 2021

+ New fiat currencies (PKR, VND, TZS) added into application.
+ Language feature added into application to multiple language support.
+ New bulk processing feature added into admin panel to process plan & profits.
+ Few more settings added to control front-page additional content.
+ Language switcher added to switching one language to another.
+ New investment schemes (six) added to offer more investment plans.
+ To make compatible with Stripe Payment Add-ons to accept cards payment.
!+ Paid the Profit bulk processing issues with large unit.
!+ Logo not display in email templates specially for GMail clients.
!+ Graph with date issues for Actived Investment in Dashboard.
!+ Actived Investment Plan chartjs issues in Investment Dashboard.
!+ Wrong PayPal payment info show in withdraw confirmation modal.
!+ Adjusted few more bugs that encountered in error log.
!! Third-party libraries updated to security improve.

Version – 1.0 Jun 4, 2021

Initial Released

Investorm – Advanced HYIP Investment Management Platform
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Investorm - Advanced HYIP Investment Management Platform - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
Demo: Investorm – Advanced HYIP Investment Management Platform
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Investorm – Advanced HYIP Investment Management Platform
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