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Grocery, Pharmacy, Multi Store Mobile App

An application for managing shops and services, Internet marketing. The application can be used as a regular user, delivery employee, or workplace manager We will work on developing it continuously, and your feedback will greatly benefit us in developing the application Thank you for purchasing the original version of the application and this support you provided to us to offer you the best, and the best

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Entry information for the test
Owner account
 [email protected]
Delivery Boy account
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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3 APPS in​ 1

User application

Admin Store management application

Multi Store management application

Store management application

User interface application

Delivery boy app

Control Panel

You can control all the details of the application

through one page

Add category, brand and product

Add the expected questions from

customers about your business

Define Featured products or Daily deals

Delivery Boy

The delivery employee can receive orders, update the status and confirm receipt

Can inquire about customer information

Can inquire about order information and quantity

He can communicate with the customer by phone

User Interface

The interface is very easy to handle
The application determines the user’s language automatically
It contains interactive images with the user
The user can easily access the delivery person’s information and store information
Dark mode app is available

Grocery, Pharmacy, Multi Store Mobile App

Launch your own grocery, pharmacy, multi store app with a complete dashboard.
This is a complete end-to-end solution for launching your own full application app.
It includes an end user app from which the end users can place an order for products and it includes an admin panel for store owner to accept orders and improve their business.
This solution is ideal for anyone who wants to start a product delivery app business.

Items Included

Following items are included in this solution:

Customer Mobile App Source Code (based on Flutter Framework)

About the Technologies

DART – FLUTTERFlutter is an open source framework that is created by Google for mobile application development. Using this framework, apps can be developed for both Android and iOS Devices.

Installation Guide

The product comes with an Installation Wizard to help you setup the product suite in your firebase servers in just a few steps.

It is really easy to set up the app and the admin panel in a few easy steps.


There is a folder in the collection that contains the best practices in protecting your application from hackers

Our Features & Services.


The product includes support for groceries, stores, pharmacies where the end-user can choose from Category groceries, stores, pharmacies and order products from them. Each section has a different list of product items to order from.


After the customer places an order, they can track the status of the order on a timeline,The request can be accepted or rejected, and the delivery boy can be appointed, and you and the delivery boy can access the customer’s information, and the customer can access the delivery boy’s information


The admin control panel from the application provides you with full access to the products, category and brands added (Edit and delet soon), you are available to write support and provide the employment of delivery boys and update the product status and distinguish products, category and daily deals


Driver Management Module allows managing all drivers in a single view. You can track the earnings, delivery fee %, number of orders for each driver (Coming Soon). The profile of the driver can also be managed from the admin panel.


You can choose from a light or dark theme for your end-user application. It is really easy to switch the theme.


It is extremely easy and convenient to rebrand the app and customize the theme of the app as per your needs. You can launch an app with your own branding. You can easily change the app color theme, logos and the icons with minimal effort.


The admin can add frequently asked questions and their answers to help customers to use the app correctly. FAQs can be added as FAQ Category and then FAQs


The application fully supports multiple languages with the feature of selecting the default user language

Support ​LTR & RTL

The application fully supports from right to left and there are languages available inside the application such as Arabic


The product supports multiple currencies. You can create your own currency and then the entire product suite will be changed as per the currency selected.


There are easy login and authentication options included in the product.

Customer Login: Customers can create an account using a mobile app.

It is very easy to identify any person who has given birth by searching for their name, email or photo

It is very easy to control user roles and delivery generation

It is very easy to set yourself as a firebase administrator, and you only need it the first time you log in, and then the
control becomes complete from the application.

All these roles can use social authentication email and password, they can reset their password by providing the email address to get the reset link.


The app has intuitive and user friendly animations built-in within it. These animations intend to provide a smooth app usage experience to the end clients. The animations include – Hero Animations, Parallax Animations, Sliding & Swiping animations.Introductory animations for specific cases such as internet outage and the basket is empty or there is no data.


The app supports integrations with all major payment gateways such as Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal (Coming Soon).

The app also supports Cash On Delivery (COD) Payments upon order pickups.

The customer is notified via push notification upon any change in order status by the story owner

The delivery boy gets a notification when the market manager assigns an order to him.

Store owner gets a mobile notification when the customer places an order with the market (Coming Soon).

Favorites Products

Each end-user can add any product to his wishlist to fast access to this product in the future. This is a useful feature to allow customers to favorite their frequently ordered product items and order them without searching.

Daily deal

The products section is available in a daily deal with the ability to control it from the control panel in the application

You can easily select the products and the distinct category via the control panel to distinguish the products and your best-selling category

Entry information for the test

Owner account

[email protected]


Delivery Boy account

[email protected]



[email protected]


Version 1.1 What's new?

- Multiple stores and sellers, you can receive store orders, 
  and the store owner can open more than one store in the application
- Full ios support
- Support to communicate via WhatsApp messages
- Support locating and showing it on Google Map (store location - customer - delivery employee)
- Supporting the monitoring of the location of the delivery worker directly by the store owner or the order customer 
- Support open store option
- Store option support closed
- Store option support outside the scope of the customer
- Support identifying the best stores for admin
- Support in-store delivery option only
- Add subcategories to main categories
- Order management best
- Support for updating slides with adding phrases and sentences on slides
- Seller gallery update support
- Support multiple images for product 
- Support to speak with the seller directly from the product page
- Support advanced algorithm search inside and outside the application
- Full update support for all modifications (anything in an application that you can modify)
- Fixed some technical issues
- Updated filters to be compatible with the latest version 2.5.3

Grocery, Pharmacy,Multi Store Mobile App
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Grocery, Pharmacy,Multi Store Mobile App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale
Demo: Grocery, Pharmacy,Multi Store Mobile App
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Grocery, Pharmacy,Multi Store Mobile App
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