Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 3 – Udemy Course

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✔️ Writing recipes for static and dynamic libraries

✔️ How to specify build time and run time dependencies in recipes – DEPENDS & RDEPENDS

✔️ Creating your own Packages

✔️ Understanding Autotools and writing recipes for Autotools

✔️ Understanding CMake and writing recipes for CMake

✔️ Devshell

✔️ Adding your own custom logo on boot

✔️ A most important concept of Yocto: bbappends

Course Curriculum in Deep


a) FILES variable

b) PACKAGES variable

c) How to create your own package

Static and Dynamic Library:

a) Yocto recipe for static library

b) Yocto recipe for dynamic library

c) How to handle unversioned library

Dependencies(Build Time and Runtime):

a) DEPENDS variable

b) RDEPENDS variable

c) -g option bitbake

d) noexec

a) Autotools Introduction

b) Hello World Autotools

c) GNU Hello

d) Recipe for Autotools

a) Introduction to CMake

b) Hello World CMake

c) Recipe for CMake

d) Devshell

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to learn Yocto in deep

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Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 3 - Course Site Learn Yocto Project in Deep - Create your own packages, recipes for static, dynamic libraries, Autotools, CMake

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