Animation for Beginners in After Effects

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This is excellent training for anyone interested in becoming an animator. ‘The Basics of Animations for Beginners’ was prepared specifically for those who are new to After Effects.
A robotic arm will be imported and animated. This is an excellent approach to learn how to animate layer rotation and position without becoming overly difficult. This is a good first step for more intricate character animation in the future. We’ll also go through how to add smoke and fire effects to your animation to make it stand out.

We’ll walk you through everything step by step so you can follow along.

Understanding Illustrator’s Layer Order (Illustrator is not needed for this course)

  • Importing
  • animations for keyframing
  • Moving Anchor Points in Parenting
  • Basics Color Adjustment
  • How to Use Basic Warp Effects
  • Creating file

You’ll acquire new abilities and be able to make your own robotic arm animations in After Effects by the end of this course.

Hello, my name is Bryan, and I’m a motion graphics artist and animator who also teaches at a community college. I’ve worked on animated television shows and network documentaries, and I’m excited to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Animation for Beginners in After Effects Get started in your Animation career with this basic intro to animating in After Effects

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