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With Angular (previously Angular 2, now simply “Angular”) plus Node.js + Express + MongoDB, you can build contemporary, scalable, and fast Web applications.

The MEAN stack consists of Angular 1 and NodeJS, as well as ExpressJS (a NodeJS Framework) and MongoDB. It’s time to plunge into MEAN 2.0 and switch from Angular 1 to Angular 2+.

Take use of the numerous benefits and advantages that Angular provides: Speed, simplicity of programming, high responsiveness, excellent support for asynchronous operations, scalability, and more!
Combine these benefits with the performance of a NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB backend!

You’ll learn how to do things like:

  • Using the Angular CLI, create a NodeJS + Express + MongoDB + Angular application.
  • Use NodeJS and Express to their full potential.
  • With the tools given by Angular, you can develop reusable components and a reactive user experience.
  • Angular’s HttpClient service allows you to connect your NodeJS (or any other language!) backend to your Angular App.
  • Provide proper endpoints for your Frontend to consume on your Backend.
  • Advanced features such as file upload and pagination should be included.
  • Implement Users, Authentication, and Authorization to make your application more secure.
  • Errors should be handled gently.
  • And a whole lot more…

Don’t just stick to the essentials!

Do you remember those courses where they show you a “Hello World” example and then stop? This isn’t going to happen to you in this class. You’ll rapidly be able to add many different Routes, Observables, Events, Authentication and Authorization, Error Handling, and much more into your applications after starting with a very basic project and basic functionality.
The best part is that you’ll learn everything by putting it into practise right away! This is the actual stuff, not a wall of powerpoint slides or a set of unrealistic mini-examples.

Who should take this course?

  • You should also be familiar with the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You’ll be able to construct your own NodeJS + Angular applications at the end of this course!

Who this course is for:

  • If you’re familiar with the basics of Angular and NodeJS, this course provides a detailed guide on how to connect both technologies
  • Everyone interested in building a modern, full-stack application
  • Students who want to exercise with their NodeJS and Angular skills will find a great opportunity to do so
  • The Ultimate Web Developer How To Guide Course Site

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