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Would You Like to Build Your Own Open Source Library?
Probably all of us developers have thought at some point in time to build our own library and contribute to the overall open source community. The goal of this course is to give you all the tools necessary for you to be able to do your own open-source Angular Library.
We will build a series of small open-source libraries of progressively increasing difficulty, and we will learn a large number of Angular advanced features in a very fun and practical way.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Advanced Angular Features?

The best way to learn Angular and its most advanced features are to simply take and use it to build something very concrete, like for example an application or a library – and do it in a step-by-step way, as there is no replacement for that experience.

In order to understand technology, we really need to build something non-trivial with it – blog posts and docs will only get us so far.

What Libraries Will We Build In This Course?

We will be building the following libraries, and learn how to publish them on NPM using the Angular Package Format: We will start by doing a Font Awesome customizable Input Box and learn the advantages of designing our components using content projection over a more input/output based design. At this stage, we will also introduce the Angular Testing ecosystem.

Then we will progressively increase the difficulty of each library: we will build a dynamic tab container that allows receiving a template as a component input, effectively allowing to override parts of the component template while keeping a default look and feel for the component.
We will then build a reusable dynamic modal component with customizable content. This component has its contents configurable via either content projection or an input template and will introduce the notion of Structural Directives.

We will also learn how directives and components of a given module can interact in a transparent way, independently of the place where they are used in the template, using a shared library service. We will then build an Input mask directive, where we will cover some advanced keyboard handling behavior.
Have a look at the course free lessons below, and please enjoy the course!

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